Portrait: Johanna Tagada

Portrait: Johanna Tagada

Olivia Fiddes is a multidisciplinary artist and designer, regularly working in ceramics. 


Olivia creates one-off pieces and small run collections. She creates work for private clients and collaborates with other artists, designers and brands. Her work is typified by elegant imperfection, playfulness and simplicity. 


Olivia donates 5% of profits from sales to charity. In 2016/17 and 2017/18 Olivia donated to Survival International, a charity campaigning for tribal peoples' rights. 


Clients include: Aesop / AP Shop / Association / BiotopBon Su / BWT / Faye Toogood / Ingleby Gallery / Studio Toogood / The Modern House


Contact: oliviafiddes@gmail.com

Instagram: @ofiddes