Heckfield place

Heckfield is a living place, a Georgian family home lovingly restored from its classic origins and rewoven into 400 acres of secluded Hampshire landscape. Resolutely natural, elegantly evolving; a beautiful piece of English history that redefines the idea of a hotel. A country haven, sculpted over centuries by ancient heather, woodland, gardens and meadows. Heckfield Place is both tamed and gently wild. Our biodynamic home farm, kitchen gardens and orchards feed Marle restaurant and the open-flamed hearth, directed by the culinary imagination of Skye Gyngell.
— Heckfield Place

A range of bespoke ceramic pieces were created for Heckfield Place with BWT. Natural and effortless bedside table lamps were designed and made for luxury rooms and suites. Large sharing and display platters were created for the Little Bothy Spa and selected suites. For farm-to-table restaurant, Marle, we presented custom made decorative vases.

tall lamp.jpg
Our main objective with the interior was to connect the buildings to the landscape and context, to add character and warmth through local materials, local craft, and antiques relevant to the buildings’ history... It has been our job to work hard with craftspeople rather than larger suppliers to ensure everything feels very considered and handmade.
— Ben Thompson, BWT (Remodelista)