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The Modern House has launched a moving-in box for homebuyers. Curated by designer Faye Toogood to celebrate the moment of moving into a new home, the box contains six beautifully-crafted objects that are intended to be more meaningful and long-lasting than a bottle of champagne or a bouquet of flowers. Uniting each piece is an honesty of material and functional design – Modernist principles that The Modern House champions through all the houses they represent. Each piece was exclusively designed and produced in a limited edition for The Modern House by UK-based designers and makers: Faye & Erica Toogood, Olivia Fiddes, Małgorzata Bany, Sebastian Tarek, Steve Benbow and Valeria Armeni & Tom Watt. 

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We were talking about the idea of a gesture or a gift when people arrive in their new home. It’s such a fundamental time in your life when you move into your new home. Instead of the classic (or cliché) bottle of bubbly, they wanted to offer something with more meaning and resonance. So, I thought it could be really interesting to give people a contemporary design take on a hamper, essentially, and that’s where we created the moving-in box.
— Faye Toogood

Illustrations by Toogood

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